HIEA Committee

If you have any free time to spare, please each out to a HIEA board member regarding Committee’s that could help improve our community!

A Message from Nancy Papineau, our “Save the Pool House” committee lead and Board Member – January, 2006:
We have a beautiful new roof on the pool house! A big heartfelt thank you to all the HIEA members who gave up three consecutive weekends(Sept.10-24, 2005) to make this happen.
The “Save the pool house committee” worked through pouring rain, blistering heat and college football games putting on the new roof.  The work was hard and at times scary, nothing like being over 40 on a roof!  Fortunately we all survived!
Thank you Tom & Nadine Walker, Dave & Tye Asselstine, Paul & Sid Galligan, Dean & Jessie Anderson, Paul & Philomena Kohl and family, Rex & Judy Davis, Rick & Sue Howell for making this new roof possible.

This new roof, along with the new fence built last year, has given the Pool house a much needed face lift!
Other changes include a antique oak table donated by the Howell-Lindberg family for up coming card nights.  Thank you to Rick & Sue Howell for the generous donation, the table has a long Harstine Island history.
Recent Update

The Community approved an additional $500 in funds during the April Annual Meeting for the following Pool House Repairs and Updates:

  • Paint Rafters
  • Install New Fireplace
  • Get a quote on pool professional repairs
  • Shower fixed
  • Propane leak
  • Pressure wash and retain
  • New Lighting
  • Find out what lid is outside building

Our committee has much work to be done over the next few years and we look forward to any help you can give.
For information on volunteering please contact Nancy Papineau nancyp@psirep.com.
Thank you again to all our amazing volunteers you are the hardest working people I know.
-Nancy Papineau
“Save the Pool House” Committee Chair.
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